Inversion Demo

This page will let you enter a matrix and invert it. The limit is whatever will run on your computer and screen. I've only checked this implementation briefly, but hopefully it's working enough to demonstrate the algorithm in the previous sequence of pages. Previous implementations in C, C++, Fortran, Java, and Python have been thoroughly tested, and the one in Java found its way into a library somewhere, but the details of which I've long since forgotten.

Choose the size of the matrix above and enter the data here:


Press the Load button to transfer the above matrix into the augmented matrix for solving.

Augmented A:

Pressing the button will "solve" the matrix



The product of the (A12*A) is not not necessarily the same as the identity matrix I, as you get when the problem has a unique solution, but it will have left- and right-hand inverse properties which we can demonstrate here:


The product of the (A12*A)*A12 should be the same as the A12.


If everything went right, this product A*(A12*A) should be the same as the starting A matrix. For more information see the previous pages in this series. If I get ambitious, I might add the xgs = A12*b +(I -A12*A)*z section to show the full arbitrariness of the solution (the z vector).