Find your way through the maze

A friend of mine (Dave Rasbold - hence the game name) had a son with a Commodore 128 back in '86, and I thought I'd write a simple game for him (in BASIC) to exercise his young mind. It was written in a Saturday over at his house (as I owned an incompatible Amiga at the time). On another Saturday I added a few more features like something moving around that could kill you, a key for opening an interior wall, and a shield. I'm uncertain if he ever played the game, but it was fun to write.

You move about by pressing the keys 'r', 'l', 'u', 'd', 'b' to turn in that direction (right, left, up, down, back), or use the arrow keys (for up, down, left, right), or mouse-click on the extreme sides of the image to turn. To move forward press the 'f' key, the space-bar, or click in the middle of the image. The final wall is bright red.

When you reach the red wall, go through it to restart the game.

The game size is controlled by the inputs above. Anything above 3 by 3 by 3 can get quite complicated, as there's no such thing as gravity in this maze. If you turn left, turn up, and turn right you'll find yourself staring down the same corridor, but with the perspective changed by 90 degrees. It's very easy to get disoriented, and the color of the walls should help with that. Originally all the walls were the same color except for the destination red one.

This game is written in JavaScript. The first version was BASIC, and it's been implemented in Ada 83 as well.

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